Coaching Enrolment and Agreement Form

Enrolment Form

(Form and Agreement will be emailed to you on submission)

Agreement is between AdvanceMed (Great Mynds Pty Ltd trading as AdvanceMed) ABN 13 613 634 343


You the Client

The Services


1 x 30 minute Strategy Call (may have been taken already)


Up to (please refer to invoice) x one to one coaching sessions and / or consulting sessions.

Plus access to additional sessions upon request and further purchase.


Coaching sessions are for approximately 45 minutes each.

Consulting sessions are deducted for each hour of work.

Programs and Courses


Access to AdvanceMed VIP Program, including:

  • VIP Coaching Platform on UpCoach
  • Forums on UpCoach
  • AdvanceMed Courses



Access to:

  • AdvanceMed eGuides and worksheets
  • Private interview question listings
  • VisualCV CV Builder


Fees and Payment

Fees Payable and Payment Method

Please refer to your invoice


Payment Terms


Special Conditions

Commencement & Agreement

Program and Agreement commences this day.

June 23, 2024
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