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About Me

With my decades of Medical HR experience, I am confident I can help you.


Anthony is a founder of AdvanceMed. A Consultant Psychiatrist with extensive medical education and medical human resources experience and a certificate in coaching.

Anthony has served over 12 years in various Managerial and Directorial roles, including 4 years as the Medical Director of the Health Education & Training Institute and recently completed a guide into Best Practices for the Selection of Trainees into employment roles for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists..

Anthony is an expert in Medical HR. He has reviewed numerous CVs, chaired and conducted over a thousand job interviews and provided advice to a number of employers and Colleges about selection processes. 

“If you are struggling to get an interview call. The most likely problem is your CV. A well formatted and written CV will help you stand out and get into the interview pool.”


Any Questions? We’re here to help

We pride ourselves on providing you a good outcome. Therefore, it does generally take a few days for us to complete document reviews.

CV Reviews are generally done within 5 working days.

CV Updates can generally be done in 2 working days, provided it is not a significant update.

The first draft of your CV Do Over or Cover Letter and Selection Criteria Review will generally be available within 7 working days. Normally this service is able to be completed within 2 weeks.

Specialist Pathway Application Reviews generally take a bit more time. The first draft is normally available within 7 working days and the final version completed within 3 weeks.

At peak times it may take longer to complete your document service. Please contact us first via if you have a particular deadline.

It may be possible for us to do your service a bit quicker. But this will generally require us to work overtime or on weekends. So a premium will need to be charged. Please contact us on if you require an expedited service.

A CV Review is a brief review of your CV / Resume conducted by our expert. We produce for you a screen capture video of approximately 5 minutes where we highlight issues for your attention in your document as well as suggestions for improvement. A CV Review is not a document editing service. If you are confident that your CV is of an appropriate standard but would like further feedback then a CV Review is likely the best option for you.

The CV Do Over is a comprehensive overhaul of your existing CV or Resume. You provide us with your CV as well as any other useful background documents or information and we do a comprehensive overhaul and rebuild for you in our online CV builder. Visual CV.

In the majority of circumstances we recommend clients go for the CV do over if they are able to afford this. If you are uncertain about your CV, are agnostic of what an employer-friendly Australian medical CV should look like, or have had negative feedback on your CV or not been called for interview several times with your current CV then the CV Do Over services is likely your best option.

If you are having your CV redone by us then you need a Visual CV subscription as we rebuild your CV for you as part of this service. Your initial 12 month Visual CV subscription is covered by the cost of this service.

As an added advantage once you have your new CV you can use Visual CV to make further copies or changes to your CV.

You can also renew your subscription to VIsual CV at a reasonable price.

We do not provide word versions of your CV. The final format is in PDF, which is what we recommend you use when submitting.

You can easily copy and make changes to your CV in Visual CV without the need for a word version.

Visual CV does have a beta version where you can export your CV as a word document. The end results are variable depending on which template you utilize.

To initiate your CV Do Over we require as a minimum for you to:

  • complete the CV Re Do form
  • attach your current resume

It is also useful if you can send us through the job description for the job you are applying for.

To initiate your Cover Letter and Selection Criteria we require as a minimum for you to:

  • complete the Cover Letter and Selection criteria form
  • provide us with your best attempt at addressing the Selection Criteria

It is also useful if you can send us through the job description for the job you are applying for, the application information and your resume.

Please note. We will not simply write Selection Criteria statements for you. It is important that these statements are based on the facts about your own career.

Generally, most of our document services can be handled effectively and efficiently via the use of our service forms and email exchange. In rare circumstances, we may suggest a quick Zoom call to clarify and finalise your document.

If you do wish to book a call to discuss the document in more detail then we would suggest that you also purchase one of our coaching calls.