AdvanceMed Coaching Philosophy

I focus on providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to career coaching for doctors and other professionals.

I believe that everyone has the ability to tell a great story about their career.

As a coach I offer a transformative process that empowers clients to reach their goals through personalized guidance and support.

I focus on helping people clarify their objectives, develop action plans, and overcome obstacles, fostering self-awareness, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence.

This approach enables individuals to make informed decisions and take purposeful steps towards their desired outcomes, tapping into their full potential and turning aspirations into tangible achievements.

My coaching principles:

  1. Clarity: Assisting clients who are unsure about their next career steps or confused about the careers process.
  2. Strategy: Helping clients who are concerned that their current strategy is not effective, or who are uncertain about where to focus their efforts.
  3. Motivation: Addressing a lack of motivation or discouragement due to past outcomes.
  4. Leadership: Providing support for clients whose roles have evolved to include unexpected leadership or management responsibilities.
  5. Job Readiness: clients doctors for their next post, leveraging over seven years of experience in career coaching in various specialties.
  6. Confidence: Enhancing confidence in things like interview performance.
  7. Technology. Using the best technology to enhance the client’s experience and outcomes from coaching.

My AdvanceMed VIP Coaching Program underscores a personalized approach, tailoring the coaching to the individual needs of each client. This program offers several unique features, including a strategy call, a best practice coaching platform, up to six hours of one-to-one support, access to all paid courses, eGuides & CV builder, a VIP forum, and personal email support.

Coaching Ethically to Professional Standards

  1. Establishing a Trusting Relationship:
    • We Create a Safe Environment: At AdvanceMed, we prioritize establishing a safe and supportive environment that fosters mutual respect and trust with our doctors and other clients. We understand that not all clients come to us having felt safe at work to discuss their careers.
    • We Show Genuine Concern: We strive to consistently demonstrate genuine concern for your welfare and future outcomes, ensuring our interactions are marked by personal integrity, honesty, and sincerity. We understand how stressful and competitive some career paths can be.
    • We Honor Our Agreements: We are committed to establishing clear agreements and consistently keeping our promises to our clients. This includes making ourselves available for coaching sessions when booked, being proactive in letting you know if we can’t keep up a coaching commitment and not taking on too many clients at a time.
    • We Respect Individuality: We respect and adapt to our clients’ unique perceptions, learning styles, and personal beings, championing their growth and supporting them in taking risks and overcoming fear of failure. We often use role-play in our coaching as it is helpful for our clients, however, we respect that not everyone is comfortable with role play initially.
  2. Maintaining a Coaching Presence:
    • We Stay Focused and Present: During our coaching sessions, we remain fully focused and present with our clients, setting aside our own thoughts to concentrate solely on your needs.
    • We Trust Our Intuition: Our approach is characterized by a blend of curiosity and flexibility, trusting our intuition and being open to various effective ways of working with our clients.
    • We Use Humor and Perspective: We effectively use humor to create a light and energetic coaching atmosphere, confidently shifting perspectives and exploring new possibilities for client action.
  3. Setting Groundrules and Boundaries:
    • We Establish Clear Expectations: From the outset, we clearly communicate what our clients can expect from the coaching process, setting ground rules for openness, honesty, and integrity.
    • We Foster Commitment: Our coaching relationship is based on a mutual commitment to achieving set coaching goals, with both coach and client actively contributing to the development of these goals.
    • We Understand Our Role: We are clear about our role as coaches, not counselors or therapists, and are prepared to refer our clients to appropriate professionals if deeper issues arise.
  4. Understanding the Client’s Situation and Needs:
    • We Listen Intently: We dedicate time to actively listen and reflect on our clients’ situations, fully understanding their needs before proceeding with the coaching.
    • We Are Fully Present and Supportive: Our approach is to be completely present with our clients, showing that we are aligned with their concerns and committed to working through their issues to achieve their goals.