This package is perfect for any trainee doctor who really wants to stand out and is facing the competitive career process for any RACS SET application:

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  • All Australian States and Territories and New Zealand
  • General Surgery
  • Orthopaedics
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Neurosurgery
  • Cardiothoracic
  • Paediatric Surgery
  • Plastic and Reconstructive
  • Vascular
  • Urology
  • Neurosurgery

Stand Out In Your RACS SET Application

A Personalized Approach to your Career

A Package of All Our Best Tools + RACS Interview Coaching For Those Determined to Put Their Best Foot Forward.

RACS SET Interview Coaching for 2023

Round 1 Intake

First Round Slots Available

Closing In


For 2023 I will be introducing a brand new coaching platform with a number of unique features that will assist clients in gaining the accountability and performance they require from their coaching program.

VIP Coaching for RACS interview practice is only offered to a select group of clients.

I’m Excited to Help You

Whatever your career challenge

Find out how we helped Asiri

Anthony helped me to present a clear picture to the panel of who I am and what strengths I bring out.
Mr Asiri Arachchi

Key Features of the Career Doctor VIP Coaching Academy Program

Strategy Call

All Paid Courses

VIP Forum

Best Practice Coaching Platform

Group Coaching

Personal Email Support

Up to 8 Hours of One to One Support

Access to eGuides & CV Builder

Extra Coaching Available

I applied for two years for surgical specialty training with a good CV and reference scores but was let down by interviews both times. My confidence was low. If I had used AdvanceMed before I would probably be in training already.
Dr Kevin Peek
UpCoach Platform | RACS interview practice

What You Get


Coaching Platform

Access to a State-of-the-art coaching platform with in-built reminders and accountability by UpCoach.

Value: $500 AUD

Group Coaching

Regular group coaching to support your individual program. Learn and improve from each other*.

Value: $2,000 AUD

*Group coaching will commence once per fortnight in 2023. Subject to attendance and numbers, additional sessions may be offered.

Strategy Call + 8 Hours of 1:1 Time

Up to 9 hours of Anthony’s time individually allocated to your needs*.

Value: $4,500 AUD

*Additional time can be purchased at a discounted coaching rate.


Access to our expanding library of over a dozen eGuides covering things like Cover Letter Templates, CV and Resume Design, and Interview Preparation Checklists.

Value: $200 AUD


Lifetime Access to all current and future course material for:
Interview Skills Course
Cover Letters and Application Course
Medical CV Cours
Expert Series

Value $1,500 AUD

Visual CV Builder + CV Reviews

Access to VisualCV, a premium CV Builder, as Anthony’s personal client, including up to 3 complimentary CV reviews.

Value: $500 AUD

VIP Forum

Access to the VIP Forum, where you can share resources with other clients and gain access to additional content helpful in applications and preparing for interviews.

Value $500 AUD

Email and Chat Support

Ongoing email and/or chat support throughout the program for quick queries and support.

Value: $1,000 AUD


Succesful Candidates

The RACS Selection process is extremely competitive. Not every client is selected. But we have certainly had a lot of successes over the years.

Trainee Coaching
SET Success
SET Success

Learn from a Professional Medical HR Expert with 30 Years of Industry Experience

Dr Anthony Llewellyn

– Your Medical HR Expert

Anthony is the Managing Director of AdvanceMed and your Expert Coach.

A Consultant Psychiatrist with extensive medical education and medical human resources experience, Anthony has served over 12 years in various Managerial and Directorial roles, including 4 years as the Medical Director of the Health Education & Training Institute and recently completed projects guiding best practice of selection of trainees into employment roles for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.

Anthony is an expert in Medical HR. He has reviewed numerous CVs, chaired and conducted over a thousand job interviews, and has provided advice to a number of employers and Colleges about selection processes.

He is also an Adj Assoc Professor at the University of Newcastle’s School of Medicine & Public Health.

General Client Testimonials

The ongoing IMG training coaching by AdvanceMed and Dr Anthony Llewellyn, in particular, is very helpful, professional in approach, and individualized in nature. It is invaluable for IMG’s to get a clear picture and approach.
Dr Sunita Singh
General Physician from India, now Portland Victoria
Anthony was really helpful, friendly, and accommodating of all my frenzied requests. Very insightful and personalized inputs to improve my performance. I got the desired outcome ad managed to get onto the training program I wanted to 🙂
Dr Sid
Vascular Trainee
Just wanted to say thank you for your help with my interview prep for the critical care HMO jobs… I used the techniques we went over, went into the interview a lot more confident than I otherwise would, and have been offered a job at my current hospital (they interviewed 20 people for four jobs). It was a worthy investment and I will definitely recommend AdvanceMed to my friends and colleagues! Thanks again!
Dr Millie Burgraff
Critical Care Trainee
Job hunting after my AMC was kind of “lost through woods” to me. I feel lucky to have contacted Anthony then. He guided me with each step from CV to interview and I can confidently say that you won’t regret using his services. Thanks, Anthony!
Dr Prema Saminathan
Resident, Royal Perth Hospital
I decided to enlist Advancemed’s help after being unsuccessful at past interviews for radiology training. Anthony gave me the tools and confidence to be successful at the interview. The video-conference format works very well & the coaching is good value for money. Overall, I would definitely recommend Anthony’s services to anyone lacking confidence in their interview ability.
Dr Liam Pugh
Radiology Trainee
I discovered the AdvanceMed website and YouTube channel back in July 2021 and it has been invaluable since. I’d highly recommend the courses and the strategy call.
Dr Prakhar Srivasta
Royal Melbourne Hospital HMO

RACS SET Selection Information

Specific FAQs for SET Program

Each year around 900 – 1,000 doctors apply for the various RACS SET training programs. I cap my numbers at a maximum of 25 clients per year. There are a couple of key reasons for doing this:

  1. Firstly, from a conflict of interest perspective, by coaching less than 3% of the total applicants I can ensure that my clients are not competing internally against other clients that I have. I also put in place caps on certain specialties if these start to fill up. Each specialty has different intake numbers but I generally try to coach no more than five (5) clients in any of the bigger specialties such as orthopaedics and general surgery and no more than three (30 in any of the smaller specialties.
  2. Secondly, from a time perspective, there is a lot of effort going on behind the scenes to ensure that I am able to offer all of my clients coaching slots, particularly in the busy June / July period when the interviews are held. I literally block out hours of my coaching time each June and July to ensure RACS VIP clients have access to my calendar. Let’s just imagine that we plan for each client to do 4 sessions in June/July. That’s 100 sessions or individual hours on my calendar across about 6-8 weeks. And, of course, I have other commitments to other clients during that period. So you can hopefully appreciate the effort I go to prioritize your needs and ensure maximum access when you need it.

Over the past 7 years, I have coached trainees for all RACS Subspecialties except for Neurosurgery. There is no reason I would not coach for Neurosurgery. I just haven’t had anyone approach me as yet.

Yes. Clients and others have been very generous in providing me with a large number of past questions for most specialties which we can use to practice on. You can see some of these at my free question bank.

I do however encourage you to source your own additional questions. I do not publish these to the question bank till the following year once you have completed your interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Coaching Programs

Straight Away!
As soon as you make payment you will have access to the coaching platform, all resources, including courses and importantly be able to book in your Strategy Call.
You can of course defer your other coaching sessions if this makes sense. But we do strongly suggest that you have your strategy call as soon as possible.

For a couple of main reasons.
Firstly, in order to ensure that I have enough availability for each client. A lot of activity occurs outside of the coaching sessions. So its important to me that I have the availability to prioritise your needs.
Secondly, in some situations, there may be competition between candidates for certain posts. For example, specialty trainee selection.

Once you have completed payment you will be able to access the course material via the UpCoach Career Doctor Academy coaching platform.
The courses are self-paced. So you don’t need to wait for other students.
(*Whilst we are migrating to the new coaching platform. Some courses may be made available to you through the site instead).

Coaching is easily booked via our online booking application which is currently Bookay. There is a link to the Bookafy app on your homepage in the coaching portal. With Bookafy you are able to select times and days that suit you. As well as cancel or reschedule, so long as you provide sufficient notice.
All that is required to participate in coaching is that you have access to Zoom. We recommend you do this via your PC or laptop. Reliably wifi or internet is important. Most coaching clients don’t need to purchase a new webcam or microphone but we can advise you on this if you like.

The majority of clients have no problems or issues in securing the coaching sessions they want. They generally book well in advance to secure the time they prefer. Anthony’s main coaching times are during week days. However, he does provide some weeknight sessions as well as weekend sessions during peak times.
One of the reasons we limit numbers for this program is in order to ensure you are able to get all your coaching sessions in time.

If you are serious about your next career move and want an intensive, tailored program with expert guidance and advice, and encouragement through your journey then it is likely that this program is for you.
We are very happy for you to sign up straight away for the coaching program. But if you have some doubts we also have the option for you to take the Strategy Call first whilst reserving your spot on the program.

We have helped all manner of Specialist IMGs navigate the career process. The program has everything you need to both prepare for your college assessment as well as apply for positions afterward. Please see the FAQ below for specialties where we recommend you take the strategy call first.

There are a variety of factors that go into whether you may or may not be successful with the specialist recognition process in Australia. If you are a Specialist from any of the Competent Authority countries you will have reasonably good prospects across all specialties and can comfortably sign up for the program.
If you are a SIMG and belong to any of the following categories then we suggest you just take the strategy call first and reserve your spot on the program:
– Obstetrics and Gynaecology
– Any surgical specialty
– Dermatology
– Ophthalmology
– Radiology
– Cardiology

Absolutely. Using the tools available in this program I have assisted many specialty trainees to achieve competitive selection for many different programs, including:
– Urology
– Orthopaedics
– General Surgery
– ENT Surgery
– Cardiothoracic Surgery
– Vascular Surgery
– Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
– Anaesthetics
– Respiratory
– Neurology
– Gastroenterology
– Psychiatry
– General Practice
– Obstetrics and Gynaecology
– Ophthalmology
– Radiology
– Dermatology

Absolutely. This program has all the tools your need whether you are an early career or junior consultant going for their first consultant job or an experienced specialist seeking further career advancement.

Sorry. We cannot make individual modifications to the program. Some clients get more use out of some parts of the program than others. The overall potential value you get from the program far outstrips payment. So you are getting a very good deal.
We have developed this program over the years based on past client experience so we can offer a VIP experience that will meet your needs.
As a business, we try to not have too many services or offerings available. From experience, this just creates confusion for clients who are not sure what service they need. It is also more costly in terms of upkeep of various service lines. And this is why we now offer just one VIP program.
You are able to cancel your VIP membership and VisualCV subscriptions at any time and still enjoy the benefits for the full 12 months. However, we do suggest you hang onto them for a while (see below).

We recommend holding on to both your VIP membership and Visual CV subscription for a few reasons.
Your VIP membership enables you to roll over any unused coaching to the next year, continued access to the full coaching platform and resources, as well as the opportunity to purchase additional discounted coaching.
Your Visual CV license is provided at a big discount from what you would pay on your own. For a few dollars a year you get to keep a record of your CV so you can quickly update it for future job applications. If you cancel and then come back to us later asking us to update your CV it may no longer be available on VIsualCV and the cost for updating may revert back to the cost of a full CV rewrite.

You can absolutely have more coaching if you have run out of sessions. Subject to my coaching availability you are able to purchase additional sessions at the most discounted rate that I offer for coaching.

If you don’t end up using all your coaching or sessions you have the option to roll these over for another year. Unfortunately, due to the tight margins in offering this program, we are unable to offer you a refund for unused sessions.

A session of my time is an hour spent dedicated to your individual client needs.
Coaching sessions run for 45+ minutes and are counted as one session of time.
Consulting work is generally deducted per hour. As a guide:
– CV rewrites generally require 2 sessions (may be 3 for a particularly long CV).
– Cover Letters and Selection Criteria reviews generally require one session.
– College Application reviews for SIMGs generally require 3 sessions.
Responding to chat messages or emails do not incur deductions. CV reviews do no incur a session reduction.

A CV Review includes us reviewing and checking over your CV and providing you feedback in terms of areas for consideration or improvement. You will normally be provided with a 5-10 minute screen capture video highlighting our recommendations. The review is not a full edit of your CV. You get up to 3 reviews of your CV as part of your package (there is no deduction of session time for this). We strongly recommend you put together your CV on Visual CV first before submitting for a review.